finasteride 5mg for female hair loss Hi there, thanks for stopping by to learn more about me!About Melanie Mccaw

My name is Melanie and I am the creator of Christian Career Girl- the premier lifestyle blog for single Christian women.

If you’re a single woman and want to spend your single years in a purposeful, powerful and God centred way then you’ll feel right at home here at CCG!

Every blog post is written for women like you.

Women who aren’t simply waiting for their future husband to come knocking (Nothing wrong with waiting and praying, but girl you got so much more to do!)

Women who want to live out the plan God has for their single years.

Women who want to see the joy in being single and living fully for God.

Women who want to discover their God given gifts.

Women who believe God has a vocation just for them.

http://internationalindoor.com/programs/ Why did you start Christian Career Girl?

As a single girl in my thirties I used to get SO frustrated.

God wasn’t calling me to be married, but surely he was calling me to something.

After reading God at Work by Gene Edward Veith Jr I realised that calling was http://kidtreehouse.org/programs/action~agenda/cat_ids~10,18,12,11/request_format~html/ vocation.

Trouble was there wasn’t a whole heap of information aimed at single Christian women.  There were lots of secular resources, but all the Christian blogs I stumbled upon were about praying for your future husband, or aimed at those who were married with children. Whilst both are admirable, they just weren’t applicable.

So, I prayed. A lot.

God answered!

He wanted me to reach out to all the other women he has called to be single, even for a season! To make them understand that not being married, or even not being called to marriage, is not a crime. That being single makes you a powerful weapon for Jesus!

And so, Christian Career Girl was born.

http://oceanadesigns.net/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?format=xml What about your Faith Journey?

I was not raised in a Christian home.

I didn’t even pick up a bible until I was in my twenties.

That’s right folks!

I became saved by Jesus during University. I went to a Catholic University (If that’s not God at work I don’t know what is!) and during my final year I felt compelled to go to Church. So I did.  I was so overwhelmed with what I heard that day that I signed up to RCIA- Right of Christian Initiation as an Adult; a formal course that anyone wishing to be baptised and receive Communion in the Catholic faith must undertake.

I was baptised in the summer of 2008. Though I didn’t remain with the Catholic Church for a variety of reasons I still hold it near to my heart for introducing me to Jesus. It was also the Summer of 2008 whereby I invited Jesus to be my one true saviour, and I haven’t looked back since!

Awesome! So what about you? 

I’m many things. Too many to list here, so lets stick with the most important.

First and foremost I am Gods royal daughter.

And this royal daughter loves coffee, sparkly washi tape, watching her fave Christian Youtubers, dancing around her apartment and of course hanging out with family and friends!

As well as blogging I work full time with disabled adults. I’m also in graduate school studying psychology. My life is pretty darn busy, but I love it and wouldn’t swap it for the world.

What about you? I want to know my readers so if you have a few minutes drop me an comment below and tell me all about yourself! I promise to reply!

Alternatively, you can email me via melanie@christiancareergirl.com