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Guest Post: God’s Mercy For A Single Mother

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buy provigil france God’s creation is perfect. His design is flawless. Originally, He designed us men and women to have a partner, and to come together to be as one flesh, then to be fruitful and multiply. That is the desired outcome, at least. However, due to the fall of mankind and sin entering the world, there has been so much corruption and misguidance when it comes to the traditional beliefs of marriage and family. The younger generations, such as mine, participate too much into worldly, selfish behaviors, lying, fornicating, stealing, cheating, the list goes on. Morals are being thrown out the window, and God is being taken out of schools, homes, everything. It’s a no wonder that there is an increase in single parenting, or single motherhood, for instance, giving the unwise choices that so many make, especially with the wrong people.




























Out of all of this, I was one of them. I always believed in God, but I never truly followed Him or had Him lead me in all ways of my life. Instead, I did just about what everyone else was doing, which included fornicating. I finally came to the truth of Jesus, the truth of the gospel, and the truth of God’s design and purpose for us. But fleshly desires got in the way, despite all of this, and I ended up getting with the wrong man, and falling pregnant as a result of my selfish, ungodly behavior. Thankfully though, God is merciful. He is forgiving and His grace is more than enough for a wretched sinner such as myself. 


I ended up having to leave this man, after I fell pregnant, and discovered that I was going to be a single mother, doing all of this on my own. Why did all of this happen? Why did someone like me fall pregnant, when there are so many genuine, Christian, married couples that try and try but get no where? What is God’s purpose for me? For this baby? There were so many thoughts that clouded my mind. All I could do was remain hopeful that God would continue to be there for me, for us, and to protect us and provide for us. 


Being a single mum is not easy. There are so many different factors that come to play when raising a child on your own. Financial, mental, emotional, physical, you name it! But I am just so glad that God has been looking after my daughter and I. 


I still do not know for sure what God’s purpose is for me, for my daughter, but I do know one thing for sure. All of these events, everything that I have been going through and continue to go through, God is teaching me to remain faithful and trusting in Him and to persevere during these hard times. 


Furthermore, even though I sinned, and fell pregnant as a result, my experiences helped me reflect upon different people in the Bible where God overcame evil with good: He allowed good to come out of certain sinful behaviors that people committed. For example, Noah was a drunk, but God still used him to warn others about the flood, and to build the ark to save his family and the animals. Rahab was a harlot, but God used her to protect the men that Joshua sent out to Jericho as spies. Jacob was a liar, and got the blessing from his father, who then became Israel. Jonah ran away from God, David was a murderer, and Peter denied Jesus three times! All of these people in the Bible, and many many others were so far from perfect, but God still used them to fulfill His purpose. 


I was a fornicator and fell pregnant. However, God is using me, and my daughter to fulfill His purpose for us. As long as I keep my focus on Him and do everything according to His Will and not my own, similar to that of the people in the Bible, then everything will work out in the end and my purpose, our purposes, will be made known.  


God forgave me for my sins, especially fornicating, and overcame that with something good, which is my daughter. Children are blessings from God, and as such, God has blessed me. I could never ever repay Him for what He has done for me and given me. All I can do is fully submit to Him, as I continue down this path of single motherhood with my daughter, trusting in God alone. 

 sachaMy name is Sacha and I am a single mother to my beautiful daughter, Rebekah. I am a Christian mum blogger helping and encouraging other single mothers such as myself on my blog Raising Rebekah.

I also am a freelance writer for Apples of Gold.
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