Hearing Gods Voice

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buy gabapentin otc Don’t you just love when God speaks to you? Whether its through feeling, another person, a thought- its a wonderful moment. In today’s blog post I want to share with you a story that happened to me yesterday that perfectly illustrates the joy to be found in hearing Gods voice.

So, what was this message you ask? Something epic? Something life changing?

Well, not exactly.

“I want you to take the bus”

That was Gods message. That was Gods voice.

Let me explain.

Yesterday I was at work. I always take the Tube (or the subway to my US friends) home. Its quick, direct and easy. However, when I arrived I noticed there was no announcement as to when the next tube was coming- which is strange.

So I waited.

That’s when I heard God.

“Take the bus”

My first thought was “Really?” I had never taken the bus. To be honest I only knew it existed because I’d seen it in passing. I was anxious- I knew for one thing that it would not be quick. I just wanted to get home. I’d worked a long shift and I was tired and hungry.

So I thought on it- trying not to let my empty stomach make the decision! After a few minutes, I said “Ok Lord, I’ll take the bus”

So I walked to the bus stop, and the bus came within a minute- the first sign that this was good.

There was a seat available- the second sign that all was good!

For the first 30 minutes (I told you it was a long ride!) very little happened, and I thought maybe God just wanted me to get home, as by now It has been brought to my attention that my normal route home was delayed due to a signal failure.

But God had a bigger plan than that.

Soon, an elderly gentleman got on the bus.

He was LOUD.

I wont lie- feelings of annoyance stirred within me. I just wanted to get home in peace and here was this guy singing and talking at the top of his voice for everyone to hear. I didn’t even have my headphones with me to drown out the noise- which, a it turns out, was a blessing.

That’s when it happened.

He suddenly told the whole bus about Jesus.

How much he loved him, and how he was going home to praise him for all that he had done.


In a split second I went from mildly annoyed, to being in awe of this man for being confident in his beliefs and telling everyone of his love for Jesus! He talked for at least fifteen to twenty minutes before he finally reached his destination.

I prayed for him there and then. That he would continue his good work and share the good news with others.

Then I thought to myself, what am I going home to do?

Well- Praise Jesus of course! Ok so not my original plan (That involved getting take-out and watching TV) but a much better one.

My point is this- if we don’t stop and listen for Gods voice, we may miss out on something amazing that he has to share with us. By sitting quietly at the station, I heard God and was massively impacted as a result.

When was the last time you got quiet and listened for the voice of God?

2 thoughts on “Hearing Gods Voice

  1. That is so cool! I LOVE moments like that when I realize why God took my a certain direction or brought someone near! I also believe God has a sense of humor and I’m sure He smiled and chuckled when He saw your face and felt leap of joy in your heart the moment you realized the man was sharing about Jesus! Precious story! Made my morning! I have pinned and tweeted this post also! ❤

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