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How To Get Free Products For Your Blog

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Want to work with brands but feel daunted by the process?

Worried your social media following is too small?

Not sure how to get started?

Well, worry no more because in this post I’m going to show you how I work with brands as a new blogger with a tiny social media following!

Know your niche

Before your even think of approaching a brand, you need to be 100% clear on your niche. Who do you serve and why do you serve them? This is because brands are going to want to know how your audience is in fact, their audience.

By this I mean there’s no point approaching say L’oreal for haircare products if your blog is all about travel! Likewise there’s no point trying to work with a children’s book company if your audience is single, childless women. You may want these products for yourself, but you have to keep your audience in mind.

Also, its disingenuous to write about a product you know has no relevance to your audience and they are likely to turn off from your blog as a result.

Use a Third Party

When you’re a small blogger you want to work with third parties in order to get to brands. Brands are inundated with emails all day long from bloggers wanting to collaborate and as a result it can be hard to stand out. A third party has essentially done some of the hard work for you by identifying the opportunity, and having a named contact that they work with! Make use of this.

My go to’s are: Influenster– Download the app on the App Store or Google Play. They send you a ‘vox box- that is a product usually from a large beauty company for you to keep and review. This is how I scored my Marc Jacobs collaboration! They don’t send boxes out very often, but its worth signing up to!

Getblogged,net– Sign up and connect your social media accounts. You will then receive a ‘domain score’ which entitles you to work with brands on paid posts. The amount you get paid increases as your domain score goes up, but starts out at around £17/$25 for a 500 word post with a domain score of 10 (The lowest eligible score)– This is a great resource for newbie bloggers as there’s no scoring system involved! Sign up to get a weekly email to your inbox filled with companies wanting to work with bloggers. You simply enter your details and your pitch (see next point for an example!) and wait to hear back from them. This is how I scored my collaboration with Old English Co.

Send the Perfect Pitch

A pitch email is an informal email introducing yourself to a company and showcasing why you want to work with them. It can be a bi daunting writing your first pitch email but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with an example you can copy, paste and tweak!


Hi Alexis!

My name is NAME and it’s so nice to e-meet you! I came across Dagne Dover when I was
searching for a new work tote and I absolutely fell in love with your brand and how well it
represents women with a busy lifestyle. I was looking at your Instagram and noticed that you
work with bloggers and would love to partner. I am a millennial woman who has made the
transition from corporate girl to entrepreneur. My readers are also go-getters that look to me
for inspiration, tips and advice. I’d love to show them how Dagne Dover can help keep them
organized while trying to do it ALL. Please reply to let me know if you are interested and we
can discuss next steps! Looking forward to working together.




See how this email is all about the company? And how the blogger highlights the fact that her audience is also the brands ideal audience? These are KEY points to include and will help your email to stand out from all others.

Going Direct to Brands

There’s nothing to stop you using the above email example to pitch direct to a brand. This is how I got my next two brand collaborations! Top Tips

Address and send your email to a named contact. Send a pre pitch email to find this information out.

Keep a record of who you email, and follow them up after a week if you haven’t heard back.

Don’t get despondent if they say no, there’s plenty who will say yes!


So there you have it, my top tips for getting free products for your blog!

Have you been inspired to pitch? Let me know in the comments!

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