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How to Start A Christian Blog

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Disclaimer- I am NOT an expert. This is simply how I have built and grown my blog.

So, you want to start a Christian Blog?

First off- Thats’s awesome! The internet needs more Christian Blogs!

Second- Follow this guide to build your Christian blog the RIGHT way.

Third- Have FUN! Blogging is meant to be fun!

Ready- let’s go!



















Before you start a Christian blog- PRAY.

Pray to see if God wants you to start a blog. I attribute the success of my blog to the fact I took time to pray about the idea first. The idea popped into my head one day, and I felt fairly certain that it was Gods idea, but I wasn’t sure.

Was it the desire of my flesh to be insta-famous? I had to be sure that it was Gods desire and not mine. So I took a month to pray every day, and to receive confirmation that it was Gods idea. He even gave me the name!


Next step- PLAN.

There’s a lot of planning that goes into a Christian blog. Its simply not the case that you buy your domain, do some writing and that’s it! Some questions you might want to ask yourself include

Who am I blogging for?

Who is my audience?

What do I plan to blog about?

How much time can I dedicate to blogging?

What’s my goal with my blog?

Do I plan to monetize my blog?

Will I be self hosted? (Tip- Start out self hosted- its worth it!)

How are my design skills?


My number one recommendation is to read this book:

by his grace we blog
















This book was a HUGE help in starting my blog. It takes you through step-by-step in setting up a blog and Carmen really emphasises the need for God to be a part of your plans. Its available here.


Jot down 20-30 ideas for topics you could post about.

The reason I suggest this before you actually start is to ensure that you can come up with enough content to start your blog, and to help clarify the topics you wish to blog about. Its easier to do this before you start a blog, lest you end up with a million categories that your audience is simply not interested in!


Ok so you know God is on board. You know who you are blogging for. You know what you want to write.

Its time to whip out the plastic and BUY. I DO NOT recommend using a free platform.


It looks unprofessional.

You’re limited In how you can monetize.

You’re limited in your design choices.

Going self hosted is the BEST investment you can make. It shows the world you are serious about blogging, and in turn people will be more interested in what you have to say.

But which platform?

I recommend The reason being is that WordPress was made for bloggers, and the plug ins are essential to making your blog successful, and for building it up in the future! Plugins are like add-ons for your blog- more on that later!

However, don’t host through WordPress. Its crazy expensive! I use


Your blog needs to stand out! The way to achieve this is to brand it. By this I mean making deliberate and considered choices on colours, layout, fonts and graphics.

You’ll notice black and white is a key feature of my blog. The branding aim of my blog is to look chic, clean and professional which I achieve with black and white, and a non fancy font.

Your branding could look completely different- it all depends on how you want your audience to feel, and what you want to convey.

If branding isn’t your strong point take time to research the subject through books and online articles. I wouldn’t recommend paying someone to do this for you at this early stage as you are likely to want to change it down the road. It will take time to settle on a design you love, so leave the spending until you reach that point. is a great resource for ready made themes for Prices are reasonable but keep In mind other people will have the same theme as you! Again, don’t pay for a custom theme until you are further in to your blogging journey or you may find yourself out of pocket.

Plug Ins

Plug ins are essential for your blog! My recommendations are:

see url Askimet Anti Spam- Prevent spam comments on your blog.

buy Pregabalin online Yoast SEO– Perfect for ensuring your post is easily read, and that its optimised for search engines.

Tracking code manager– Essential for when you verify your website on Pinterest.

For more information on Plug Ins, check out WordPress.


It’s time to publish!

I recommend starting out with a minimum of ten posts. This stops you looking like a complete novice and gives your readers additional posts to check out once they have read a post.

Things to do before you hit Publish include:

Check your title– is it catchy? Does it intrigue? Does it make you want to read?

Check spelling and grammar!

Have you included headings? If not do so- it makes the text easier t read particularly if your post is long.

Pinnable Image- Always include at least one Pinterest worthy image so  that your blog posts can easily be shared on Pinterest. Which brings me to my next point…


The chances of someone finding your blog without some sort of promotion on your part is pretty slim. You aren’t likely to rank high enough in search engines to be found that way.

Hellooooooo Pinterest!

Pinterest is a bloggers best friend. Currently its my second biggest referrer of traffic.

Pinterest is a whole topic in itself so head on over to the wonderful Ell Duclos for an awesome article on getting started with Pinterest.

Other places to promote

Facebook groups– search ‘Christian Bloggers’ to find relevant groups. Check that they allow promotion by reading the group rules!

Instagram– Pop your url in your bio and create Instagram graphics to show off your posts! ( is great for this!) While you’re over there, come follow me!

Twitter– Use a link shortener such as to save characters, then use hashtags to get your tweet noticed. Hint- check out what hashtags similar accounts are using to stand the best chance of being seen.

Stumble Upon– Set up an account and add your blog posts as and when you post them. Not as big a traffic driver as say Pinterest, but still worth using.

Rinse, Repeat!

Follow the final two steps each time you post, and that’s it! Remember- it takes time to grow a Christian blog so be patient. Don’t forget to pray for your blog regularly, God will help you succeed!

So there you have it- my guide to starting a Christian blog. Got questions? Comment down below and I will nswer them!



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