How To Start A Prayer Journal how to start a prayer journal

buy provigil online ireland “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you”

Matthew 6:6 ESV

It took me YEARS to start a prayer journal.

I got put off by so many things.

What should I put in it?

What should it look like?

Should it be all fancy and calligraphy-esque?

These are probably questions that have crossed your mind too if you have yet to start a prayer journal.

The answers?

Whatever you like.

Whatever you like.

If you want it to be!

When I finally started I kept it simple. No fancy calligraphy for me- just an ordinary pen and notebook. And you know what? That was more than enough!

And you know what? My prayer life changed drastically! It became a lot easier to remember who I was praying for, what I was praying for and when my prayers were answered it felt SO good to write that down!

Now, as for the question of what to put in it, here’s 8 ideas for you!

  1. People you pray for
  2. Ministry’s you pray for
  3. Answered Prayers
  4. Scriptures to get you through tough times
  5. Your sins
  6. Your needs
  7. Gratitude
  8. People who haven’t yet accepted JC into their life

So- get yourself a gorgeous notebook (Check out the ones at Daily Grace Co.) and a pen and get journaling! I promise you that you will see HUGE changes in your prayer life when you do.

What do you put in your prayer journal! Leave me a comment! Don’t forget- Join the Christian Career Girl Facebook Group to meet other women just like you who are on fire for Jesus!



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