How to Study Your Bible: 4 Questions To Always Ask how to study your bible Do you grab your bible first thing in the morning, super intent on studying Gods word, open a page and think what now?

buy Lyrica in mexico You read the passage. You read it again. Maybe you highlight it.

Then you think “All done!” close it and don’t give it a second thought for the rest of the day? Heck if someone asked you what you read you’d struggle to remember!

diclofenaco 60 mg morphine That was me too- don’t worry!

The trouble is, they don’t run how to study your Bible 101 in church. Its just sort of expected that you know how to do this. Like you have absorbed this information from your pastor, your friends or your family. But the truth is none of us is born knowing how to study it. Its something we learn, and keep on learning.

Maybe you’ve heard of a few different techniques, but none of them work for you. Or you practice the mystic approach- opening your bible at a page hoping that something sticks.

Today I’m going to share with you  super simple way to study your Bible- a set of just 4 questions to ask yourself that will help you dive deep into the word and bring it to life!

Bible Study Q #1: Write it out!

There’s no getting around this- simply reading the passage wont cut it! Grab your journal and write out the scripture.

Bible Study Q #2: Who is the writer and audience?

This is SUPER important! it gives context to what you are reading. A letter from Paul to the church at Corinth is very different to the Gospel for example.

Bible Study Q #3: What has God done for me?

What’s the point of this passage- what does God want to teach you?

Bible Study Q #4:What does this mean for me right now?

What’s the relevance of the passage to your life right now? Believe me, there’s always something! By seeing how the passage applies to your life you bring the Word to life!

There you have it: For super easy questions to help bring your study to life!





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