3 Must See Inspirational Christian Movies

must see christian movies

Confession time- I LOVE MOVIES.

I like them so much In fact that I majored in Film during my time at University. I love stories, and I love watching them unfold. The power of film lies in its ability to tell stories through breathtaking visuals. I love a good book as much as the next person and nothing compares to the power of the imagination, but film is a close second!

However, God has been leading me away from secular film and television this past year. He wants me to feed my mind with amazing Christian stories. However- good Christian films are not always easy to find. If you’re in the US- You lucky people, you have Purelix! A plethora of Christian movies at your finger tips.

Here in the UK its a bit trickier, but not impossible, to find Christian movies.

So if you feel God wants you to step away from secular entertainment, here are three movies to get you started!

watch Gods Not Dead 2

gods not dead 2

Ok so I know I should recommend you start with the original, Gods Not Dead, BUT I just love number two! Mainly because Melissa Joan Hart is in it and I get all the 90s/00s feels when I see her. Melissa plays a high school teacher, Grace, who gets in trouble for talking about Jesus in her classroom. In fact- she ends up in court! Can she and her attorney prove that Gods not dead? You betcha. Features great music from The Newsboys too. Available on Netflix in the UK.

watch Faith’s Song

faiths song

This is the inspiring story of Faith, a high schooler who tragically loses her parents in a car accident. Faith has grown up in a Christian home all her life but her faith is tested when she is sent to live with her aunt and uncle who are non believers. Struggling in a new town to make friends, she meets a young girl who needs Jesus desperately. Can she put aside her own troubles to help her? Features great musical performances from the lead actress, Hayden Grace McCoy. Definitely one to watch when you feel far from God as by the end of it, you’ll feel closer than ever! Available on Amazon Prime in the UK.

source Healed by Grace

healed by grace

If you’ve ever struggled to make sense of something that has happened to you, something which seems to have destroyed all your dreams- this is the movie for you! Riley is an aspiring dancer who after winning a dance competition is involved in a car accident and left unable to dance. Angry at God, and struggling to make sense of why this happened she begins equine therapy to help with her physical recovery. Through her bond with the beautiful mare, Grace, she learns that God always has a plan. Available on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Those are my top three choices- what are yours? Watched a great Christian movie lately? Share it with us in the comments!

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