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source site As someone who was raised in a non-Christian home, my Faith journey looks different to many others I see. So I thought it would be fun to share with you how I came to Faith.

In the beginning…

order Lyrica online I was Christened shortly after I was born- as is typical in the UK. Christenings are seen as a social right of passage more than a religious one. Many of my friends from non religious homes have been Christened. So although I was made free from original sin and brought into Christs adopted family on that day, it would be more than twenty years until I acknowledged this.

In 2004 I was applying for University.

premarin cream price comparison I had done one year already but had left as I felt that the course simply wasn’t right for me. After a year out I was ready to re-apply somewhere new.

This is where God began with me.

I felt compelled to apply to a Catholic University, despite my non Christian background. I couldn’t explain it but I simply felt like I had to go there.

So I did.

In September 2005 I began University. However, it would be another two years until God nudged me.

One fateful day…

In September 2007 I was stressed out. It was my final year and that meant it was time to write my dissertation. I was terrified- I had never written anything close to 10,000 words before and I wasn’t sure I had it in me.

God knew better.

It was a Fall afternoon when he spoke to me.

I was walking past the Church on campus and I was compelled to go in.

I had no idea why but I just knew that I had to go in.

So I did.

From that day on, my life was changed.

I don’t remember the exact scripture that was read that day. I just remember feeling Gods love for me and I knew that the lack of belonging, sense of emptiness I had been feeling my whole life was a lack of relationship with God. I bought a Bible that week and eagerly read through the Gospel. I was so happy. I even bought a diamante cross to wear around my neck.

I signed up to RCIA- Right of Christian Initiation as an Adult which is the course anyone wishing to become a Catholic as an adult must take prior to Confirmation. A group of us would meet each week and talk about the Gospel, Jesus and Faith. I used to love those meetings. We even went on a trip to a Catholic Retreat Centre which I loved.

Summer of 2008 came and I was confirmed in the Catholic Faith.

Sadly my family weren’t on board with the idea so no one came. However I was surrounded by friends I had made, my other group members and the congregation so I didn’t feel alone.

As the Priest anointed me I felt like I truly belonged.

Ministry Work

September 2008 saw me start a one year full time ministry position in children’s ministry.

This was to be a turning point in my faith.

It started out so well. There were people from so many different countries and I made friends fast. Initially I loved the work- working with 5- 11 year olds on day visits and week long visits. Helping them develop their faith. I led all sorts of activities with them from arts and crafts to dance and drama. It was so much fun.

However, it quickly turned sour.

Though I wont recount the events here, for they are simply too private to share, they saw me having to leave my position three months early.

It also saw me leave the Catholic faith. I had had my doubts around certain aspects of the faith for a while, but now my mind was made up.

It was at this point I became a non denominational Christian.

The Conclusion

I really began to live out my faith once I left the Catholic faith- going to church, listening to Christian radio, getting obsessed with Robin Jones Gunn books!

This is where I came across the idea of surrendering to Jesus.

This doesn’t form part of the Catholic faith so up until that point, I had never done it. So one day, after reading all about Chrissy surrendering to the Lord- I did the same.

In that moment I found a whole new level of faith, one I’m still experiencing today.

From that moment on, I lived my life for Jesus. I am truly blessed that he came into my life. I wake up everyday feeling loved, wanted and cherished. It is truly wonderful.

So- that’s my faith story. What’s yours? Any memorable moments along the way? Comment down below!

1 thought on “My Faith Journey

  1. I love hearing other people’s faith journeys! Thanks for sharing yours. It’s really incredible. I really like that your story shows that sometimes God gives you grace in things that aren’t the final answer, like your original interest in Catholicism. While that wasn’t where God wanted to you to stay, it was one step in your faith journey. I’ve experienced that in my life too.

    My own faith journey is actually pretty boring. I was born to Christian parents and raised in the church. Even though I had head knowledge of God’s love and grace from a very early age, I’m still in the process of letting those truths sink down into my heart and really take root. In the past 5 or so years, I’ve really started to understand what grace is all about and it’s almost been like another conversion for me. It’s still a journey in progress, and I’m excited to see what lies ahead.

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