Review: Fervent by Priscilla Shirer  

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I purchased this book two weeks ago from without any intention to review it on the blog.

However, it was just SO AMAZING, that I had to!

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Priscilla Shirer is the actress who plays Elizabeth In War Room and this is how I was introduced to her, I had no idea she is a writer first and foremost.



























The Review

Fervent is a book about strategy, and each section is dedicated to a particular area of prayer life such as family, identity and fears. Shirer uses a super simple method for each of your prayers (She invites you to write a prayer for each strategy) which is to praise, to repent to ask and to say YES! I found this structure super helpful as like all of us I can sometimes get a little lost in prayer.

As well as the structure of the book, what really comes through is Shirers passion for prayer as a real strategy. This isn’t a book about praying- its a book about fighting the enemy with prayer. Shirer will make you want to pray more passionately than before, and with a clear structure. Her belief in prayer as a weapon is infectious!

I also love the areas that she covers- including your past which isn’t an area hat I had considered praying about before. She discusses how the Devil will use your past against you and I found myself in total agreement. A lot of shame exists in our past and I hadn’t really given much thought to how this could be used against me. I know better now, and feel armed.

Finally, this is a book rooted in scripture. Pages of it for each strategy. I found it useful to write all of the scriptures in my prayer notebook so that I had a reference for writing my prayer for each section. Shirer clearly knows her Bible and this is reflected in the amazing scripture she presents in each strategy.

All in all, if you are struggling with your prayer life you NEED this book, It will set your prayer life on fire and give you an easy to follow structure so that you aren’t stuck with ‘how’ to pray ever again! It will reignite your passion for prayer and make you feel like you are really achieving something rather than just saying words and hoping for the best!

Have you read Fervent? Going to get a copy? Comment down below!



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