Review: Pink Parcel

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buy gabapentin online Lets talk PERIODS.

Periods for most of us are something we suffer through. Cramps, headaches, stomach-aches, feeling moody- we go through it every month. We know that one day, if God blesses us, it will be worth it. However until then, its often not much fun.

Not anymore ladies!

Introducing…PINK PARCEL!

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box designed to make your time of the month much more fun and enjoyable.

Each month they send you your sanitary products of choice (no more popping to the supermarket because you ran out!) AND a selection of products designed to make you feel fabulous!

I signed up following a special offer on Facebook. This service is usually £12.99 a month including delivery.

What does the box look like?

pink parcel

I love the chic packaging. The only snag is that is doesn’t fit in my letterbox so the postman had to knock on my door and hand it to me.

What does the inside look like?

I absolutely LOVED how the box was organised.

For You- Your goodies for the month

For Night- Night time sanitary protection

Black Bag- Sanitary protection

For Later- Sanitary Protection

I want to see the goodies!

WOW! Included in this months box-



Scented balm

Face Primer

Wax Melt


Highlighing Blush

I can’t wait to try these products- they look awesome AND cost way more than the cost of the box. That for me is the selling point- I can get way more in the box than if I went out and brought these items individually. Also, the surprise element is fun!

So, what do you think? Do you use this service? Comment down below!



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