By Victoria

Scale New Heights

buy Lyrica in canada scale new heights I made a post on my Instagram page @earlyettle sometime ago of how every girl or lady including you, has been beautifully and wonderfully made. I talked about how you are a work of art, a masterpiece, priceless, precious in God’s sight whether you’re dark or light or thin or wide. And how you shouldn’t compare yourself with others because you were uniquely made. But I really want us to dive deeper into this so that you don’t see this only from one aspect but holistically.

buy Lyrica online from mexico So yes, you have been uniquely made but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on your present self. You’ve been made a masterpiece. For sure, but for that to be actually seen or fulfilled, you need to work on yourself and build yourself to the better you.

And there’s this thing that’s going around these days.  The ‘be you’, ‘do you’, ‘be yourself’ thing. Please, if you’ve been living in that lie, get out of it right away. Never subscribe to any of that. It mostly and in fact, only makes you comfortable with who you are now. Staying in the same position and believing that what you are now is just enough is actually wrong. Tell yourself the truth no matter uncomfortable it may be. I understand that being yourself’ can also be used to say that you shouldn’t pretend to be who you are not. But, don’t let it blind you from believing that you can be better.

You know fully well that you’re not going to be as great as God wants you to be if you continue in those habits or continue at the level that you are now. And I can understand that you might be at a small level now but don’t beat yourself up either. Rather, get up and grow. Build those areas of your life that need change especially the negatives, your weaknesses. Get better. Transform those God-given talents into real stuff that’ll be beneficial to other people. Not just for you.

Pay the price needed, whatever it is, as long as it is in line with what pleases the Lord. That is what is most important. That it pleases the Lord. You don’t expect to move from level one to two by doing just nothing. It won’t just fall on you. You don’t expect to be the best dancer or singer if you don’t train and practice a lot. You don’t expect to be the best in your college or university if you don’t sit down to study and put in the hours needed. There is a price to pay. Search for it and pay it!

Where you’re at now is not enough. And once again, stop being yourself because your natural self isn’t made up of only good stuff. Some bad stuff, in fact, all, need to be thrown out the window and the good ones need to be taken up higher.

And please, NEVER make the mistake of comparing yourself to other people or try to be exactly like them. If you happen to find one or two great qualities or traits in that person, pick it up and move. Don’t try to act like or do everything like them. Be a replica of JESUS instead.

Be inspired to grow out of the level that you are right now. Get the right mentors that’ll push you to where God wants you to be. Get the necessary resources that you need to grow into the person God has designed you to be. It is in growing that your uniqueness is actualized.

In short, ladies, SCALE NEW HEIGHTS!

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