Spotlight: Send Out Cards

buy generic Seroquel spotlight send out cards This week on Spotlight we are featuring another great Christian Company- Send Out Cards! Send Out Cards allows you to design a greeting card online and then have it delivered to your recipient. Its perfect for family, friends and even sending thank you notes if you’re a business. It saves you time as you no longer have to go out to the store to buy a card. Each card is totally customisable so you can create something truly personal for the recipient!

How Does It Work?

You have two options- either Pay As You Go, perfect for a one off purchase OR sign up for a monthly membership to save money.

You then simply create your card online using the easy to use interface, and SendOut takes care of the rest.

What’s even more impressive is that they have an app- so you can do everything from your phone! The app features a reminder service so you wont ever forget to send a card again.

To top it off? There’s a gift store! That’s right- you can pick a gift and have it sent with your card. There’s a great selection including food, flowers and books- truly something for everyone on your gift list.

Can I Use It For My Business?

Send Out Cards is perfect for business. Sign up to a monthly membership and transform how you interact with your customers! I mean, who doesn’t LOVE getting a beautiful card in the mail? A truly personal touch. Whether you are a service based business or product based this would be a wonderful addition to your customer service journey.

How Much Does It Cost?

This will depend on whether you are purchasing a one off card OR a monthly membership. Membership starts at just $39 a month! For more information check out SendOut

So there you have it- another wonderful Christian Company that is doing great things in the world!

Have you used Send Out Cards? Are you thinking of using them? Comment down below!





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